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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to check prior to booking a treatment?

  • There needs to be a room in your home large enough for a massage table (185cm x 71cm / 73” x 28”) with space all around it.

  • There needs to be a washbasin close to the room where the treatment will take place.

  • There needs to be nearby parking.

What do I need to do on the day of the treatment?

  • Ensure that there is space for the massage table in a room.

  • Please remove all jewellery and hair accessories prior to the treatment.

What Covid-19 safety and hygiene procedures are used?

Please be assured that Covid-19 guidance and hygiene best practises are strictly followed. This includes:

  • Postponing appointments if I have Covid-19

  • Asking you to verify that your home is Covid-free

  • I will wear a face covering if requested to so do

  • I am fully vaccinated

  • Frequent washing of hands/arms

  • Disinfected massage table and massage tools for each client

  • Clean set of drapes and towels for each client

  • Having short, clean fingernails

Will my floor/carpet be protected?

Yes. I place a large covering beneath the massage table so that any spilt massage oil does not come into contact with the floor or carpet.

Which parts of the body does the massage cover?

Raynor Massage is a full body treatment (excluding genital areas). Particular attention is given to the head, hands and feet.

During the massage you will be fully covered with a large fleecy blanket. When working on a particular part of the body I will uncover that area. When finished I will cover it again. For women, I do not work on the breast area and this will be covered at all times.

What can I expect in the introductory session?

  • I will ask you to fill in a Massage Health & Consent form.

  • We will go over the form and check that there is nothing that will preclude the massage.

  • I will ask you what you wish to achieve from the massage.

  • I will give a brief explanation of Raynor Massage and Raynor Bands.

  • Then, with your permission, I will massage different parts of your body looking for tight areas.

  • With the remaining time I will aim to remove surface tension in the tightest areas.

  • Finally, a treatment plan can be drawn up based on the findings.

  • You can then decide whether to book a follow-up session.

What can I expect in a follow-up session?

  • I will ask you to check over your Massage Health & Consent form in case of any changes and sign it.

  • We will discuss the treatment plan suggested at the end of the last visit and take into account how you feel now. We will agree where the focus of the massage will be.

  • Typically in follow-up sessions a part of the body suffering from more deep-rooted tension will be targeted. The amount of tension present dictates how much of the body can be covered. For example, both feet might be worked on for one person, but for another person with much more deep-rooted tension the whole session could be taken up working on a single foot.

  • At the end of the session the treatment plan will be updated according to the progress made.

What should I wear during the massage?

Prior to the start of the massage, I will leave the room whilst you get undressed. Please leave your pants on (ladies please remove your bra so that I can massage the back area).

Please then lie on the massage table face-up (head at the face hole end of the table) and cover yourself with the large fleecy blanket. After a few minutes I will knock on the door, check that you are ready, and re-enter.

Will the massage be painful?

Raynor Massage is not like a ‘gentle touch relaxation massage’ in a spa.

There will be some discomfort if you have deep-rooted tension. However, having said this, we will discuss different levels of pressure. I will be working with you at all times to ensure that you are always comfortable with the pressure applied.

What typically happens is that the discomfort lessens with each follow-up treatment as the tension reduces. And you should be feeling much better afterwards!

How will I feel after the massage?

The after-effects of a massage are different for everyone.

Some people will be relaxed and sleepy. Others will be full of energy and feel up-lifted, and in some cases people may feel unwell. Like any massage, the latter is a normal reaction and is caused by toxins being stirred up in the body.

It is therefore important to drink lots of water after the massage to flush out these toxins (avoid caffeine and alcohol for the rest of the day).

I will provide you with a post-massage information sheet detailing recommendations and what can happen after a massage.

Can a friend sit in with me during the treatment?

No problem. I just ask that they do not chat to you during the treatment so that I can concentrate on the massage.

How do I pay for a treatment?

Payment can be made using cash, credit/debit card, mobile device or bank transfer immediately after the treatment. Cheques are not accepted.

What is deep tissue massage?

Deep tissue massage involves slow strokes with firm and sustained pressure applied. This allows the deeper layers of muscles to be massaged, as well as the connective tissue surrounding muscles known as fascia.

The strong pressure helps to break up scar tissue that forms following an injury and reduces tension in muscles and fascia. This relieves pain and increases mobility.

Deep tissue massage benefits include:

  • Refreshed and relaxed muscles, increasing the blood flow and therefore oxygen flow around the body.

  • Removal of toxins in sore and strained muscles; this helps them to strengthen and heal.

  • Lowering of heart rate and blood pressure.

  • Relieving chronic muscle tension.

  • Breaking down of scar tissue and “knots” deep in the muscles.

What is your privacy policy?

The information held for each client is:

  • Contact details (name, phone, email, address)

  • Massage Health & Consent form

  • SOAP form (diagram of body indicating tight areas)

  • Accounting details (name, date, amount paid)

This information is treated as confidential and is never shared with any individuals or organisations.

It is held for a reasonable amount of time dictated by the indemnity insurance policy in use (after this period, if no longer applicable, the details will be erased). Clients may request a copy of their data at any time.

Contact details will never be used by David Watts Massage Therapy for email/text advertising campaigns (i.e. clients will not receive unsolicited emails/texts regarding advertising). Clients may be contacted once to request a review of their experience with David Watts Massage Therapy.

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